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Auburn Hills Drivers - Are you available Sunday Mornings for 8 hours?

***We are looking for Car Washers ***

Please contact a Reliance One Representative if you are interested


In an effort to increase efficiency, Reliance One Inc. has enabled you to access your payroll information online.

You will no longer need to pick up your weekly check stub – a PDF copy will be available on the website whenever you need it. The web address (using Internet Explorer) is in the link below: https://eservices.paychex.com/secure

You may wish to add this URL to your favorites list for quick and easy access in the future.  Another alternative is to click “File” in Internet Explorer and scroll down to “Send.”  Then select “Shortcut to Desktop” and this will put an icon on your desktop.

Login Information:
Your Company ID is: 0450-E221
-Your user name is the first initial of your first name and your last name (all lower case). 
-Your password is your first and last initials capitalized and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Example:  For an employee named Joseph Bean with a Social Security # 123-45-6789.
Username: jbean
Password: JB6789

Username & password are case sensitive.  Your new password must be at least six characters in length and contain at least one number